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Snowshoeing… 6 Routes in the Province of Bergamo

Snowshoeing… 6 Routes in the Province of Bergamo

Snowshoeing is a typical winter activity to explore the mountains at a slower pace, as an alternative to skiing. Suitable for everyone – adults, seniors, and children – it involves hiking in snowy mountain environments using special snowshoes. These snowshoes increase the wearer’s surface area, redistribute weight, and enhance “floatation,” preventing them from sinking into the snow.

6 Snowshoeing Routes in the Province of Bergamo

The Bergamo Alps offer splendid scenery and exciting routes for mountain enthusiasts during the winter season. Below, we provide our suggestions for enjoyable snowshoeing experiences in the province of Bergamo:

  1. Snowshoeing to the Twin Lakes
  2. Snowshoeing to Passo dei Campelli
  3. Snowshoeing to Monte Avaro
  4. Snowshoeing on Monte Venturosa
  5. Snowshoeing to Monte Alto
  6. Snowshoeing to Gherardi Refuge

The Twin Lakes, located in the high Val Brembana, are a well-known hiking destination in the summer. However, in winter, the path leading to these artificial basins offers breathtaking views amidst white-capped peaks and frozen lakes, all set against the backdrop of quiet and solitude. We have detailed the route, complete with a map and downloadable GPS track, in this article on our blog.

Twin Lakes - BergamoXP
The Twin lakes seen from above

Passo dei Campelli is a mountain pass that connects Val Camonica with Val di Scalve. From its altitude of around 1890 meters, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of Cimon della Bagozza and the Small Dolomites of Scalve, the Conca dei Campelli, and Val Camonica. During winter, an easy and safe snowshoeing route allows you to reach it. We have described this route in detail in this article on our blog.

Snowshoeing to the Campelli - BergamoXP
Snowshoeing to the Campelli Pass

Monte Avaro is a wide and sunny peak in the high Val Brembana. During winter, it’s easily accessible with snowshoes, starting from Piani dell’Avaro in the municipality of Cusio. You can find a complete description of the route, along with a freely downloadable GPS track, on this page of our blog.

Monte Avaro - BergamoXP
Monte Avaro

The snowshoeing route to Monte Venturosa is quite challenging but highly rewarding. It’s ideal for those seeking wild and less frequented environments. From this peak, you’ll overlook the entire middle Val Brembana. You can find the route description in this article on our blog.

Monte Venturosa - BergamoXP
Monte Venturosa

Snowshoeing to Monte Alto is a great choice for families. It’s certainly the easiest of the suggested routes and takes place in the safe environment near the slopes of the Monte Pora ski resort. Hence, it doesn’t require equipment like probes, shovels, or avalanche transceivers. You can find the route description on this page of our blog.

Monte Alto - BergamoXP
Monte Alto

Finally, the last suggested route takes us to Val Taleggio, a side valley of Val Brembana. This is a beautiful and easy snowshoeing route leading to the heart of the Piani dell’Alben, where you can reach Gherardi Refuge. We’ve also described this route on this page of our blog.

Gherardi Refuge - BergamoXP
Gherardi Refuge

If you’re interested in exploring beyond the Bergamo Alps, we’ve also described snowshoeing routes in Lombardy in this article.


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