Snowshoe hike to Mount Alto

Snowshoe hike to Mount Alto

Balcony on Lake Iseo

The itinerary described here is an easy snowshoe hike to the summit of Mount Alto, in Seriana valley.

Presolana Peak, queen of the Orobie, seen from mount Alto

We reach the Colle Vareno location, where there are the Monte Pora ski facilities, and from here we climb up to the Malga Alta di Pora, where the road is blocked by a barrier. We leave the car in the parking lot or next to the road. We set off along this road and pass the barrier. Following the ski slope, we climb it until we cross it carefully to take the obvious snowy dirt road on the other side of the slope. “We now continue along this until we reach the summit of a hill, from which in the distance we can already see the Magnolini hut.

Lake Iseo seen from the summit of Mount Alto

“Going down this, we arrive at a wide plateau, with a body of water, usually frozen and covered in snow at this time of year Continuing on a gentle slope, we reach the Magnolini mountain hut, where if we wish, we can stop to refresh ourselves. Prima però, lasciando il rifugio sulla destra, ci inerpichiamo su evidente traccia per l’ultima fatica fino alla cima del Monte Alto, dal quale godremo di uno spettacolare panorama sul lago d’Iseo e le prealpi bresciane da un lato e la Presolana e le Orobie bergamasche dall’altro. But first, leaving the shelter to the right, we climb up an obvious trail for the last effort to the summit of Mount Alto, from which we will enjoy a spectacular panorama of Lake Iseo and the Brescian prealps on one side and Presolana Peak and the Bergamo Orobie on the other.

The return is on the same route as the outward journey.

This hike does not present any particular difficulties and is suitable for everyone.

Always plan your hikes carefully, choosing the appropriate equipment and materials and checking the itinerary before you go.


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