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Snowshoeing to Laghi Gemelli, in Val Brembana

Snowshoeing to Laghi Gemelli, in Val Brembana

Snowshoeing Among Snow-Covered Peaks and Frozen Lakes! Discover the itinerary with us for the snowshoeing excursion to Laghi Gemelli (Twin Lakes), in Val Brembana.

The Laghi Gemelli are a well-known and popular hiking destination in summer, but in winter, the path that ascends to these artificial basins in the upper Val Brembana offers breathtaking views amidst snow-covered peaks and frozen lakes, combined with the tranquility and serenity of less crowded places. Join us in exploring the itinerary for the snowshoeing to Laghi Gemelli.

Snowshoeing in Val Viola – BergamoXP


DIFFICULTY: Moderate to High

ELEVATION GAIN: About 860 meters

MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: About 1970 meters

Type: A/R

DURATION: 3.15 hours Up / 2.15 hours Down

START: Carona (BG)

DESTINATION: Laghi Gemelli (BG)

The itinerary starts from Carona, a famous location in the upper Val Brembana. We leave the car in one of the paid parking areas in the village and start walking towards the lake, from the left orographic bank of which the path begins. This is the summer trail, the CAI 211.

If there’s already snow, we put on the snowshoes right away, or if there’s ice, we pay attention and don crampons. The trail immediately enters a beautiful forest, with significant slopes.. Through switchbacks, the path gains altitude until we reach Lake Marcio, where the forest starts to thin out. The panorama opens up and begins to reveal stunning vistas.

We continue along the shores of Lake Marcio. If conditions allow, carefully considering the temperatures and thawing, and at your own risk, it may also be possible to cross it directly, walking on the snow-covered ice. We then continue with easy ups and downs until we reach Lake delle Casere.

With a final uphill stretch, we eventually reach the basin of the Laghi Gemelli and the homonymous refuge, usually closed in winter. The view rewards all efforts, with snow-covered peaks in the background and the frozen lake covered by a soft layer of snow. The peaks of Monte Spondone and Pizzo Farno are particularly striking. Don’t forget to walk along the entire dam to fully enjoy the panorama.

Since the refuge is usually closed in the winter season, you’ll need to bring your own lunch and drinks from home.

The return follows the same route taken on the ascent.

Snowshoeing in Val Viola – BergamoXP
Snowshoeing in Val Viola – BergamoXP
Snowshoeing in Val Viola – BergamoXP
Snowshoeing in Val Viola – BergamoXP

The elevation gain is significant and requires moderate fitness.

You can find the interactive map of the route, complete with elevation profile and downloadable GPS track, at this link.

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Always organize your trips with care, choose appropriate equipment, and verify the itinerary before embarking on it.


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