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Outdoor experiences for everyone!

Rafting on Brembo River - BergamoXP

Rafting on Brembo River

From: 45,00
Adrenaline-filled experience in Brembana Valley!
Hydrospeed on Brembo River - BergamoXP

Hydrospeed on Brembo River

From: 50,00
Swim among the adrenaline-pumping rapids of the river
Kayak Trip on Endine Lake - BergamoXP

Kayak Trip on Endine Lake

From: 40,00
Discovering life in the reeds
Kayak on Adda River - BergamoXP

Kayak trip on Adda River

From: 45,00
Exploring the big river
Kayak a Monte Isola - BergamoXP

Kayak trip to Monte Isola

From: 50,00
To the heart of Iseo Lake
Kayak trip to Varenna - BergamoXP

Kayak trip to Varenna

From: 50,00
Immersed in the majestic of Como Lake