Idee gite lombardia autunno BergamoXP

Autumn: 10 ideas for trips in Lombardy

In our region, Lombardy, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to fully enjoy autumn and thus remain outdoors. In this article we therefore suggest 10 ideas for excursions and trips to take in Lombardy in autumn.

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Waterfalls in Lombardy: the 10 best itineraries!

In the sultry summers in Lombardy, waterfalls are a great way to cool off! Immersed in the green of the woods and valleys, inside gorges and streams, the waterfalls are a pleasure for the eyes as well as for the body and give a pleasant regenerating sensation that will accompany us even after we have returned home.

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Kayak in Lombardia - BergamoXP

kayak in Lombardy: the 10 best itineraries

Despite being landlocked, Lombardy, our region, boasts numerous rivers and lakes that are ideal for sea kayaking. These locations offer captivating views and landscapes of high natural interest, making them rewarding experiences.

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lago d'Iseo

Iseo Lake… 8 unmissable places to see

Less well known than the “big brothers” Garda and Como, Iseo Lake is a real pearl nestled between the Lombard Pre-Alps. In this article we suggest the 8 unmissable places to see on Iseo Lake with the related trips and excursions.

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Ciaspolate in Lombardia - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing… 8 itineraries in Lombardy

Snowshoeing is an excellent way to engage in mountain hiking and explore snowy environments during winter. Snowshoes, or “ciaspole” in Italian (also known as “ciaspe,” “caspe,” or “ciaste” depending on the region), are special snowshoes worn directly over boots, designed for winter excursions in snowy mountain terrain.

In this article, after a brief overview of how to practice this activity in a safe and conscious way, we will describe 8 snowshoeing itineraries to follow in our region, Lombardy.

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The Val Di Mello

Val di Mello is a charming valley located in Val Masino, in the province of Sondrio. Designated as a natural reserve by the Lombardy Region in 2009, it attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to admire the splendid granite rock towers that contrast with the vibrant and intense green of the valley floor. The valley is traversed by the Mello River, which forms beautiful crystal-clear pools of water. It stretches from east to west, starting from the village of San Martino Valmasino and ending in front of the imposing mass of Mount Disgrazia, which dominates the horizon at 3,678 meters.

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