lago d'Iseo

Iseo Lake… 8 unmissable places to see

Less well known than the “big brothers” Garda and Como, Iseo Lake is a real pearl nestled between the Lombard Pre-Alps. In this article we suggest the 8 unmissable places to see on Iseo Lake with the related trips and excursions.

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Ciaspolate in Lombardia - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing… 8 itineraries in Lombardy

Snowshoeing is an excellent way to engage in mountain hiking and explore snowy environments during winter. Snowshoes, or “ciaspole” in Italian (also known as “ciaspe,” “caspe,” or “ciaste” depending on the region), are special snowshoes worn directly over boots, designed for winter excursions in snowy mountain terrain.

In this article, after a brief overview of how to practice this activity in a safe and conscious way, we will describe 8 snowshoeing itineraries to follow in our region, Lombardy.

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foliage bergamoxp

10 routes where you can admire the foliage in Lombardy.

Autumn foliage is the particular phenomenon during which the leaves of deciduous trees change color, transitioning from the green of summer to the typical yellows, oranges, reds, and browns of autumn. The best time to observe this is from late September to early November.
In this article, we will describe 10 routes in our region, Lombardy, where it’s easy to admire and enjoy the foliage.

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Chestnuts… Five Routes where to collect them in the Province of Bergamo

Chestnuts are the autumn’s prized fruit. When the forests begin to don warm colors and the days grow shorter and cooler, it’s time to put on your shoes and gloves and head out to search for this seasonal treasure. The province of Bergamo hosts several forests where they are easily found, and in this article, we will describe some of the most rewarding routes.

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Il borgo di Maslana

The village of Maslana

Maslana is a charming alpine village located above the town of Valbondione in the High Val Seriana. It is characterized by stone houses and slate roofs. During spring, it’s easy to spot ibexes in this area, as they wait for the season to improve before returning to higher altitudes. Another reason to visit this beautiful village is the opportunity to admire the Serio Waterfalls from a privileged perspective.

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La Diga del Gleno

hike to Gleno Dam

he Gleno Dam was an artificial dam located on the basin of the Gleno stream in Val di Scalve, designed to create a reservoir for water accumulation and generate electricity. However, it collapsed on December 1, 1923, causing significant damage and loss of life in the Bergamo’s Val di Scalve and Brescia’s Val Camonica. Today, the remains of the dam can still be reached and admired through an easy and evocative excursion.

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Cà Minelli

Cà Minelli in Alzano Lombardo

Cà Minelli is an ancient sixteenth-century noble residence nestled in the green woods of the lower Valle Seriana, in the village of Lonno, a hamlet of Alzano Lombardo. The building is characterized by walls painted in yellow and blue, and on every wall and corner of the house, there are proverbs, sayings, rhyming verses, life advice, and suggestions typical of folk wisdom. An easy and green path immersed in the woods of the lower Valle Seriana allows you to reach this house of wisdom.

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