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Autumn: 10 ideas for trips in Lombardy

In our region, Lombardy, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to fully enjoy autumn and thus remain outdoors. In this article we therefore suggest 10 ideas for excursions and trips to take in Lombardy in autumn.

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Ciaspolate in Lombardia - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing… 8 itineraries in Lombardy

Snowshoeing is an excellent way to engage in mountain hiking and explore snowy environments during winter. Snowshoes, or “ciaspole” in Italian (also known as “ciaspe,” “caspe,” or “ciaste” depending on the region), are special snowshoes worn directly over boots, designed for winter excursions in snowy mountain terrain.

In this article, after a brief overview of how to practice this activity in a safe and conscious way, we will describe 8 snowshoeing itineraries to follow in our region, Lombardy.

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The Val Di Mello

Val di Mello is a charming valley located in Val Masino, in the province of Sondrio. Designated as a natural reserve by the Lombardy Region in 2009, it attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to admire the splendid granite rock towers that contrast with the vibrant and intense green of the valley floor. The valley is traversed by the Mello River, which forms beautiful crystal-clear pools of water. It stretches from east to west, starting from the village of San Martino Valmasino and ending in front of the imposing mass of Mount Disgrazia, which dominates the horizon at 3,678 meters.

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trail of The Spirit of the Forest at Canzo

The Spirit of the Forest is a trail that winds through a beautiful deciduous forest at the foot of the Corni di Canzo mountains, in the province of Como. Along the path, you can admire wooden sculptures created by Alessandro Cortinovis, depicting magical forest inhabitants such as gnomes, elves, sprites, fauns, and tree-men. This trail is particularly suitable for families and children. The forest is managed by ERSAF Lombardia, and the route ends at the Terz’alpe agriturismo refuge, where you can rest and replenish.

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Il borgo di Maslana

The village of Maslana

Maslana is a charming alpine village located above the town of Valbondione in the High Val Seriana. It is characterized by stone houses and slate roofs. During spring, it’s easy to spot ibexes in this area, as they wait for the season to improve before returning to higher altitudes. Another reason to visit this beautiful village is the opportunity to admire the Serio Waterfalls from a privileged perspective.

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La Diga del Gleno

hike to Gleno Dam

he Gleno Dam was an artificial dam located on the basin of the Gleno stream in Val di Scalve, designed to create a reservoir for water accumulation and generate electricity. However, it collapsed on December 1, 1923, causing significant damage and loss of life in the Bergamo’s Val di Scalve and Brescia’s Val Camonica. Today, the remains of the dam can still be reached and admired through an easy and evocative excursion.

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Rifugio Azzoni al Resegone da Brumano

Rifugio Azzoni on Resegone from Brumano

Resegone is the symbolic mountain of Lecco. From the Lombard dialect, the name of this peak means “big saw,” due to the unmistakable profile formed by 13 peaks, resembling the teeth of a saw. The highest of these is Punta Cermenati, and at its slopes stands the famous Rifugio Azzoni. In this itinerary, we’ll explore the ascent that starts from Brumano in Val Imagna, the only route with departure from the province of Bergamo.

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Faggio secolare del Piancone

Ancient Beech Tree of Piancone

In Val Sassina, along the slopes of Pizzo D’Alben in the municipality of Casargo, an imposing ancient beech tree grows, estimated to be over 300 years old, known as the Piancone With a trunk circumference of about 10 meters and a height of almost 30 meters, this giant guardian of the forest is considered to be the oldest in Italy.

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