Ciaspolata a Roncobello - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing at Passo dei Campelli

Passo dei Campelli is a mountain pass that connects Val Camonica with Val di Scalve. From its altitude of around 1890 meters, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of Cimon della Bagozza and the Small Dolomites of Scalve, the Conca dei Campelli, and Val Camonica. In winter, an easy and safe snowshoeing route allows you to reach it.

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Monte Legnoncino - BergamoXP

monte Legnoncino from Artesso

Mount Legnoncino is a panoramic pyramid-like balcony overlooking Como lake, and its summit is easily reachable through a pleasant hike. The described itinerary starts from Artesso and allows you to admire the trenches of the Cadorna Line, which were fortunately never used. They were constructed between 1899 and 1918 as a defense in case of invasion through neutral Switzerland.

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3 faggi di Fuipiano - BergamoXP

3 faggi of Fuipiano Valle Imagna

The location of Tre Faggi in Fuipiano, in Valle Imagna, takes its name from three historic and imposing centuries-old beech trees that dominate the valley. Nearby, there is also a small chapel dedicated to the Madonna, surrounded by partially destroyed boundary stones that evoke Celtic and prehistoric dolmens, adding a touch of magic to the environment.

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Il Canto Alto - BergamoXP

the Canto Alto

Canto Alto is one of the first elevations encountered in the Bergamo Prealps. Due to its proximity to the city, it can easily be referred to as Bergamo’s mountain. From its summit cross, the panorama extends over the entire Lombard plain to the Emilian Apennines. There are numerous trails that lead to it, and in this article, we describe the one that starts from Sorisole.

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Il sentiero del Tracciolino - BergamoXP

Path of Tracciolino

The Tracciolino Path is a scenic route carved into the mountain that, through spectacular tunnels and passages cut into the rock, connects two valleys and their respective dams: Val Codera and Val dei Ratti, above Novate Mezzola lake.

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Hike to Maresana

Maresana is a hill located just beyond the northeast border of the city of Bergamo, its green lung and an easy refuge for those who, from the city, are looking for nature that is easily and quickly accessible. With its 546 meters of height, it barely misses the definition of a mountain (the limit is 600 meters), and it is located along the ridge that marks the beginning of the Val Seriana. Its chestnut forests are the ideal destination for those who, in the autumn, are in search of these fruits.

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Il Sentiero del Bosco Incantato - BergamoXP

The enchanted forest trail in Presolana

The Enchanted Forest Trail is an easy route, suitable for families and children, which winds through the forest in Colle Vareno, not far from the Monte Pora ski resort. The trail is dotted with wooden sculptures representing the interpretation of some local legends and alpine folklore, such as gnomes and fairies, and is accompanied by explanatory panels that detail their stories.

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Monte Venturosa - BergamoXP

Hike to Mount Venturosa

Monte Venturosa is located along the ridge that separates Val Brembana from Val Taleggio. Thanks to its nearly 2000 meters of altitude, it offers a spectacular observation point on Val Taleggio itself and the basin of San Giovanni Bianco.

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Croce di Vetta - Pizzo Zerna - BergamoXP

Hike to Pizzo Zerna

Pizzo Zerna is located at the end of the beautiful Val Sambuzza, along the ridge that separates the Valle Brembana from the Valtellina.

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Monte Aga - BergamoXP

HIke to Monte Aga

Positioned vertically above Devil’s Lake, Monte Aga is a panoramic peak located on the ridge that separates Val Brembana from Valtellina. From its summit, you can enjoy a wide panorama that spans from the Orobie, the Prealps, the Rhaetian Alps, and on clear days, even the Western Alps.

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