Pizzo Recastello - BergamoXP

Hike to Pizzo Recastello

At 2886 meters, Pizzo Recastello is one of the highest peaks in the Orobie Alps. From its summit, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Barbellino lake, known as the Basin of the Giants, because all the highest mountains in the Orobie range overlook it.

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Pizzo Tre Signori - BergamoXP

Hike to Pizzo Tre Signori

The Pizzo Tre Signori owes its name to its location, an ancient border between the Republic of Venice, the Grand Duchy of Milan, and the Swiss Grisons, which today correspond to the provinces of Bergamo, Lecco, and Sondrio. From its 2554 meters, there is an exceptional view of all the Alps and Prealps of the Orobie and the Rhaetian Mountains.

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Pizzo Arera - BergamoXP

Hike to Pizzo Arera

Pizzo Arera is a panoramic and isolated peak located along the ridge separating Val Brembana from Val Seriana. Its limestone rock walls are very suggestive.

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Cascata del Vò - BergamoXP

Hike to Vò Waterfall

The Vò waterfall is an impressive waterfall formed by the torrent of the same name. We are in Val di Scalve, a remote and wild valley in the Orobie Alps of Bergamo, and the path that awaits us is immersed in the cool greenery of its forests, making it the perfect escape from summer heat.

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Sentiero dei fiori delle Orobie - BergamoXP

Hike along the flowers trail of the Orobie

Every summer, the slopes of the Arera Mountains are filled with colorful flowers and in this article, we describe an easy loop hike along the “Carlo Brissoni” flowers trail, which winds through interesting blooms between 1820 and 2080 meters above sea level to admire their beauty.

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Laghi di Ponteranica - BergamoXP

Hike to the 3 Ponteranica lakes

In this article, we describe an easy hike to visit three stunning alpine lakes nestled in a basin formed by Monte Triomen, Monte Valletto, and Monte Ponteranica in the Upper Brembana Valley.

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Laghi di Cancano - BergamoXP

Hike to Cancano lakes

In this article, we describe the easy hike to the Cancano lakes. We are in Val di Dentro, in the upper Valtellina, and we will visit the artificial Cancano lakes, created for electricity production in the post-World War I period. This hike offers truly breathtaking views and landscapes.

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Corno Stella - BergamoXP

Hike to Corno Stella

Corno Stella is a panoramic mountain, in the high Valle Brembana, which thanks to its privileged position offers fantastic glimpses and panoramas of the Orobie and the Prealps on one side, and the Rhaetian Alps and the Bernina on the other.

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Lago d'Idro - BergamoXP

Excursion to Idro lake

Located in Val Sabbia, at the foot of the Brescian Small Dolomites, Idro lake is less well-known than its larger “siblings” in the area, such as Garda or Iseo, but it has pleasant surprises and offers activities suitable for both those who want to relax and those who are looking for sports activities.

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Cascate dell'Acquafraggia - BergamoXP

Hike to Acquafraggia waterfalls

The Acquafraggia waterfalls are a spectacular waterfall located in Valchiavenna. We are in Borgonuovo di Piuro, where we can already admire this incredible double 170-meter high waterfall from the road. They are so enchanting that they even enchanted Leonardo da Vinci, who will mention them in his “Codex Atlanticus”. The waterfalls take their name from the Latin “Acqua Fracta”, being divided and therefore “fracte” into multiple jumps.

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