Cascata del Cenghen - BergamoXP

Hike to Cenghen waterfall

The Cenghen waterfall is a spectacular and evocative waterfall that develops within a crack in the rock of the Grigne Mountains, on the Lecco side of Lake Como. Thanks to the freshness of its waters and the shady, sheltered location surrounded by dense forest, it is an excellent destination for escaping the heat of the summer months.

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Cima Grem - BergamoXP

Hike to Grem Peak

The Grem Peak is a broad summit located on the watershed between the Val Seriana and Val del Riso, characterized by a long ridge. From its summit, you can dominate the town of Zambla and the Oltre il Colle Basin. In this article, we describe the climb starting from the Zambla Pass and following the technically less challenging path, CAI 223, which avoids the ridge passage.

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HIke to Monte Guglielmo

Monte Guglielmo, also known as Gölem in Lombardo, is a well-known and panoramic mountain located along the ridge separating the Trompia Valley from Iseo lake and the Camonica Valley. On its summit, a monument to the Redeemer has been erected. There are numerous paths leading to the summit, and in this article, we will describe the route starting from Pisogne.

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Monte Guglielmo

Hike to monte Poieto and Cornagera

The Monte Poieto and Mount Cornagera are the most well-known heights of the Selvino plateau. The first is a broad and panoramic peak, with a refuge on its summit. The latter is a cliffy limestone known for its numerous towers and channels, where alpinism and rock climbing in Bergamo finds one of its main homes. In this article, we describe a loop itinerary that will take us to both peaks, passing through the charming Buco delle Carolina, a narrow crack in the rock.

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Escursione al Monte Cancervo - BergamoXP

Hike to Monte Cancervo

The Monte Cancervo is a towering rocky bastion that rises above the town of San Giovanni Bianco, in Val Brembana, and is located at the beginning of the ridge that separates it from the Val Taleggio.

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Grotta dei Partigiani - BergamoXP

Hike to the Cave of the Partisans

The Cave of the Partisans is a charming rocky cave in Val Taleggio, carved by water that forms a stunning waterfall inside. During the spring of 1945, partisans were killed here by Nazi-fascist forces. Ever since, the cave has taken this toponomy.

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Moregallo - BergamoXP

Hike to Monte Moregallo from Valmadrera

The Monte Moregallo is one of the most famous and representative peaks in the Lecco area. From its summit, a beautiful balcony overlooking Como lake, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city of Lecco, the Grigne, the Resegone on one side and Annone lake, Garlate and the Brianza on the other. Numerous paths, including alpine routes, lead up to it. In this article, we describe the technically less demanding route, starting from Valmadrera.

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Via Ferrata on Corna Trentapassi

Corna Trentapassi is the most representative mountain of Iseo lake, with its unmistakable trident shape. Although it has a low altitude, from its summit you can enjoy a splendid view of Iseo lake and Monte Isola. In this article we describe the ascent through the fun Via Ferrata on Corna Trentapassi.

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Hike to Monte Ubione

Monte Ubione is the first peak that is encountered when entering Val Brembana, and it is located on the ridge that separates it from Valle Imagna.

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