trail of The Spirit of the Forest at Canzo

trail of The Spirit of the Forest at Canzo

Inside an Enchanted Forest! Discover the itinerary to visit the “Sentiero dello Spirito del Bosco” (Path of the Spirit of the Forest) in Canzo, located in the province of Como.

The Spirit of the Forest is a trail that winds through a beautiful deciduous forest at the foot of the Corni di Canzo mountains, in the province of Como. Along the path, you can admire wooden sculptures created by Alessandro Cortinovis, depicting magical forest inhabitants such as gnomes, elves, sprites, fauns, and tree-men. This trail is particularly suitable for families and children. The forest is managed by ERSAF Lombardia, and the route ends at the Terz’alpe agriturismo refuge, where you can rest and replenish.



TOTAL ELEVATION GAIN: about 300 meters

MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Approximately 800 meters

TYPE: Loop

DURATION: 2.5 hours

START: Fonti Gajum, Canzo (CO)

ARRIVAL: Terz’alpe, Canzo (CO)

The starting point is in Canzo, in the province of Como, at Fonti Gajum (marked by signs), where a few parking spaces are available. If these are already occupied, you may need to park lower down in the town center and walk up the road to the trailhead. Initially, the trail is a wide paved path that gently ascends through a beautiful forest of beech and chestnut trees. In about 40 minutes, it leads to Prim’Alpe, where you’ll find a refreshment point and the Legambiente visitor center.

From here, the actual Path of the Spirit of the Forest begins. Following the signs and entertaining signposts, you’ll reach the Terz’alpe agriturismo refuge in about 45 minutes of easy forest trail. As mentioned earlier, you’ll encounter numerous wooden sculptures and artworks along the way, and there’s even a fun labyrinth.

Legambiente Visitor Center in Prim’alpe

Arriving at the agriturismo refuge, you’ll have the opportunity to rest, enjoy homemade dishes, and immerse yourself in the surrounding environment.

For the return journey, you have several options. You can simply retrace the Spirit of the Forest trail in reverse or choose to take the gentler and more gradual paved path back to Prim’Alpe and then to Gajum. Alternatively, our suggestion is to take the geological trail that descends directly from Terz’alpe to Gajum. Along this route, you’ll find numerous informative signs about the environment and its geology.

The Terz’alpe refuge and the Corni di Canzo in the background

The itinerary is easy and suitable for all levels. You can find the interactive map of the route, complete with elevation profile and downloadable GPS track, at this link.

This trail is perfect for enjoying the foliage and collecting chestnuts, as we’ve discussed in these two articles: “10 Trails to Admire Foliage in Lombardy” and “Chestnuts… 5 Routes to Collect Them in the Province of Bergamo.”.

Always plan your trips carefully, choosing appropriate gear and equipment and verifying the route before embarking.


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