Santuario di San Patrizio - BergamoXP

Sanctuary of St. Patrick at Colzate

The Sanctuary of St. Patrick is one of the few places of worship dedicated to the famous Saint, the patron of Ireland, present in Italy. Built starting from the 14th century and completed only a few centuries later, it stands on a rocky spur overlooking the middle Val Seriana. Surrounded by the woods and meadows of Mount Cavlera. a short route on roads and trails, starting from Vertova, allows you to reach the building.

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Ciaspolata in Val Viola - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing in Val Viola, near Bormio

Val Viola is a lateral valley of the upper Valtellina, situated along the road that ascends from Bormio to Livigno. We are within a remarkable natural setting, both due to the altitude of the route and the majesty of the surrounding peaks. Snowshoeing in Val Viola, however, is safe and easily doable, as despite the considerable distance (almost 11 km), the elevation gain is moderate and allows reaching the Caricc refuge/farm, which is open in winter. The route consists of two variants, a “High” one and a “Low” one. In this article, we describe the loop by taking the low variant on the way there and the high variant on the return. The low route is generally very safe and less prone to avalanche risk. Before embarking on the high route, it’s advisable to check the weather and snow reports.

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Ciaspolata ai laghi Gemelli - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing to Laghi Gemelli, in Val Brembana

The Laghi Gemelli are a well-known and popular hiking destination in summer, but in winter, the path that ascends to these artificial basins in the upper Val Brembana offers breathtaking views amidst snow-covered peaks and frozen lakes, combined with the tranquility and serenity of less crowded places. Join us in exploring the itinerary for the snowshoeing to Laghi Gemelli.

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Ciaspolata all'Alpe dell'Oro

Snowshoeing at Alpe dell’Oro, in Valmalenco

This itinerary starts from Chiareggio, in Valmalenco. The snowshoeing to Alpe dell’Oro is ideal to be undertaken in early spring (or during winters with little snow) when the road leading to Chiareggio is clear of snow and open to traffic. Alternatively, for the more experienced, the two itineraries can be combined and completed in a day. The route, through a comfortable and wide mule track, allows you to reach the alpine pastures above Chiareggio and enjoy magnificent views of the North face of Mount Disgrazia, which at 3678 meters dominates the valley.

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Ciaspolata all'Alpe dell'Oro

Snowshoeing in Chiareggio, in Valmalenco.

Chiareggio is a well-known tourist village in Valmalenco, a lateral valley of Valtellina. Inside the village, numerous accommodations welcome visitors, offering delights of typical Valtellinese cuisine. The easy snowshoeing route in Chiareggio follows the road, which is closed to cars in winter, that leads from San Giuseppe and the valley floor up to the village.

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Escursione a Punta Larici - BergamoXP

Punta Larici over Lago Garda

Punta Larici is a rocky viewpoint on the western side of Garda Lake, on the border between the provinces of Brescia and Trento. From its summit, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the entire upper-middle lake and Monte Baldo. Due to its moderate altitude (907 m) and the microclimate of the lake, this is a route that can be practiced in any season, even in winter.

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Ciaspolata al rifugio Cristina - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing to Rifugio Cristina in Valmalenco

Rifugio Cristina is a historic refuge that has been providing rest for hikers and climbers in summer and snowshoers and ski mountaineers in winter for over a century. It’s located in Valmalenco, a side valley of Valtellina, at the foot of the imposing Pizzo Scalino, which dominates the landscape with its 3323 meters. Snowshoeing to Rifugio Cristina is an easy and enjoyable way to explore the beauty of this valley.

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Ciaspolata all'Alpe Lendine - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing to Alpe Lendine , in Alta Valchiavenna

Alpe Lendine is a picturesque alpine village with characteristic stone huts, located in Val del Drogo, a side valley of Valchiavenna. Due to its unique exposure and topography, this location often receives abundant snowfall, transforming it into landscapes reminiscent of the Great North. Snowshoeing to Alpe Lendine is an excellent way to reach and admire this place in winter.

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Ciaspolata Case di Viso - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing to Case di Viso, in the upper Val Camonica

Case di Viso is a characteristic village in the Upper Val Camonica above Ponte di Legno, inhabited during the summer but isolated from the main road in winter. The snowshoeing excursion to Case di Viso is an ideal route to explore this location during the winter season – it’s easy and suitable for everyone.

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Ciaspolata a Mottaccio da Madesimo - BergamoXP

Snowshoeing to Mottaccio from Madesimo

of Valtellina. The snowshoeing excursion to Mottaccio allows you to reach this panoramic location and enjoy magnificent views of the village of Madesimo and the Central Alps. Thanks to the moderate elevation gain and the numerous markers along the route, this snowshoeing trail is ideal for beginners and families.

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