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Iseo Lake… 8 unmissable places to see

Iseo Lake… 8 unmissable places to see

Less well known than the “big brothers” Garda and Como, Iseo Lake is a real pearl nestled between the Lombard Pre-Alps. Border between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, it creeps between the lower Camonica valley and Franciacorta. It has a single tributary and emissary, the Oglio river, which is also crossed by a splendid cycle path. But the real peculiarity is the presence, inside, of the largest lake island in Italy.

In this article we suggest the 8 unmissable places to see on Iseo Lake with the related trips and excursions. Let’s go and discover them together!

  1. Monte Isola
  2. The Oglio Cycle Path
  3. L’orrido del Bogn of Riva di Solto
  4. The Giant Benches of Sebino
  5. the peat bogs of Sebino Lake.
  6. The Pyramids of Zone
  7. Mount Bronzone
  8. The Ferrata Corna Trenta Passi
  9. One more alternative
Iseo lake

1. Monte Isola

With an area of ​​about 4.5 km2 and a maximum altitude of about 600 meters, Monte Isola is the largest lake island in Italy. It can be reached via a frequent ferry service, which connects it to the mainland. At its summit is the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola, built in the 5th century at the behest of San Vigilio, bishop of Brescia. It can be reached with a nice hike and from its dominant position you can enjoy splendid and wide views over the whole Sebino. We have described in our blog the itinerary for the ascent to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola, where you can also find the GPS track.

Monte Isola

2. The Oglio cycle path

The Oglio cycle path is a cycling route under construction which plans to support the development of the Oglio river (and Iseo Lake) from its birth in the Upper Camonica Valley, up to its confluence with the Po. Along the stretch that goes from Darfo to Iseo, this route runs alongside Lake Iseo, along the Brescia shore, with splendid views of Monte Isola. In our blog you will find the description of this itinerary, with the GPS track and the map that can be downloaded for free.

The Oglio cycle path

3. L’orrido del Bogn of Riva di Solto

Located on the Bergamo shore, this ravine is a vertical rock leap sheer into the lake, which is wedged inside a stupendous inlet, with its own beach. It is possible to visit it “from below”, with an easy walk along the lake, or go up it with a steep path, from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama that amply repays all the effort.

L’orrido del Bogn of Riva di Solto

4. The Giant Benches of Sebino

The Big Benches are a non-profit project by American designer Chris Bangle. There are more than 100 works created throughout Italy, and as many as 5 on Lake Iseo: Pilzone, Vigolo, Riva di Solto, Rogno, Sulzano. In our blog we have described two of these itineraries, the one in Pilzone and the one in Riva di Solto, where you can also find the map and the GPS track.

5. The Torbiere of Sebino

The peat bogs of Lake Sebino are a protected area by the Lombardy region, located to the south of Lake Iseo. It is characterized by reed beds and still water ponds. Its current formation is a result of human activity; until the period after World War I, this area was used for extracting peat, a material used for energy production as a substitute for coal. They can be visited by easy paths that cross them and are the ideal place for birdwatchers. We have described the itinerary in this article of our blog, with map and GPS track.

The Torbiere of Sebino

6. The Pyramids of Zone

Located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Iseo, this protected nature reserve is characterized by the presence of particular vertical tongues of rock, up to 30 meters high, surmounted by large erratic boulders which reduce its exposure to wind and rain, slowing down its thus erosion. An easy hiking trail crosses the reserve, allowing you to admire these natural monuments up close. Find the description of the itinerary to the Pyramids of Zone in this article of our blog, with map and GPS track.

The Pyramids of Zone

7. The mount Bronzone

Mount Bronzone is a modest but panoramic peak in the Bergamo pre-Alps, and from its top you can enjoy a wide panorama, with spectacular views of Lake Iseo and Monte Isola. On the top of this elevation there is also a bell dedicated to Pope Giovanni XXIII. We have described the ascent route to Monte Bronzone from Vigolo in this blog article.

The Panorama from Monte Bronzone

8. The via ferrata at the Corna Trentapassi

For adventure lovers, it is possible to take this fun via ferrata, which is not excessively demanding. The Trentapassi horn, with its unmistakable trident profile, is the most characteristic and representative of Lake Iseo and the ascent via the ferrata finally offers splendid views of Sebino and Monte Isola. We have described the via ferrata itinerary in this article of our blog, with a map and GPS track.

The via ferrata at the Corna Trentapassi

One more alternative

BergamoXP organizes kayak trips on Lake Iseo, around Monte Isola, for a new and unusual point of view on Lake Iseo. Look at our proposal in detail!

Kayaking to Monte Isola


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