The Pyramids of Zone

The Pyramids of Zone

Geological Trail! Discover with us the itinerary for the excursion to the Pyramids of Zone.

Pyramids of Zone - itinerary - BergamoXP
Pyramids of Zone – itinerary – BergamoXP

The natural reserve of the Pyramids of Zone, on the North Eastern shore of Lake Iseo, is characterized by the presence of vertical tongues of rock, up to 30 meters high, surmounted by large erratic boulders that reduce their exposure to wind and rain, slowing down erosion.

Pyramids of Zone - BergamoXP
Pyramids of Zone – BergamoXP

We leave the car in the convenient parking lot in the Cislano area, a fraction of Zone (BS). From here, a well-marked ring trail begins, which will take us to explore the natural reserve, giving us fantastic views of the pyramids as well as Lake Iseo and Monte Isola.

The reserve is open all year round and is free. Since it is exposed to the south, it is not recommended to walk it in the summer during the hottest hours of the day. Despite the ease of the trail and the low altitude, the use of suitable hiking shoes is still recommended, especially in the presence of mud or snow.

For the more adventurous, there is the Ferrata Corna TrentaPassi nearby. We have described the itinerary in this article on our Blog.

Pyramids of Zone - BergamoXP
Pyramids of Zone – BergamoXP
Pyramids of Zone - BergamoXP
Pyramids of Zone – BergamoXP

This excursion does not present particular technical difficulties and requires only a minimum of training.

You can find the interactive map of the route, complete with altitude and downloadable GPS track, at this link.

Always carefully plan your trips, choosing the appropriate material and equipment and verifying the itinerary before embarking on it.


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