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Hike to Pizzo Zerna

Hike to Pizzo Zerna

Along the beautiful Val Sambuzza! Join us as we discover the itinerary for hike to Pizzo Zerna.

Pizzo Zerna - Track of the Itinerary - BergamoXP
Pizzo Zerna – Track of the Itinerary – BergamoXP

Pizzo Zerna is located at the end of the beautiful Val Sambuzza, along the ridge that separates the Valle Brembana from the Valtellina.

Publino Lake - Pizzo Zerna - BergamoXP
Publino Lake – Pizzo Zerna – BergamoXP

The route starts from Carona, in the Upper Valle Brembana, where we leave the car. We hike along the asphalt road, following the signs for the Longo and Calvi refuge, which will soon lead us to the characteristic village of Pagliari. Continuing on, we reach the spectacular waterfall of Val Sambuzza and then a fork with a fountain, where the Passo del Publino and Val Sambuzza are indicated to the left. We take the latter direction, turning left.

The trail continues through the woods, encountering numerous huts, until we reach the “Baitone,” where the trees end, leaving room for meadows and pastures. Continuing on, we reach the Val Sambuzza lake. This lake is the first one encountered along the route. The trail from here becomes a mule track and soon leads us to the Pedrinelli bivouac, an unguarded refuge structure built on top of a former military structure from World War I, part of the Cadorna Line.

From here, we finally reach the Publino pass, the border between Bergamo and Sondrio, and the panorama opens up to the Rhaetian Alps. Our destination is now close, and following the trail that stays below the crest line, we reach the summit of Pizzo Zerna in about half an hour and without technical difficulties. From here, we enjoy a magnificent panorama of the nearby Masoni, Venina, and Corno Stella, the Val Sambuzza and its lakes on one side, and the Valtellina, the Rhaetians, and the underlying Publino lake on the other.

Bivouac Pedrinelli - Pizzo Zerna - BergamoXP
Bivouac Pedrinelli – Pizzo Zerna – BergamoXP

From the summit of Mount Aga, you can enjoy a wide panorama, with views of the Prealps, the Orobie, the Rhaetian Alps, as well as Devil’s Lake.

Val Sambuzza Lake - Pizzo Zerna - BergamoXP
Val Sambuzza Lake – Pizzo Zerna – BergamoXP

The return is on the same route as the outward journey.

This hike requires a minimum level of fitness but does not present any technical difficulties.

You can find the interactive map of the route, complete with altitude and downloadable GPS track, at this link.

Always organize your trips with care, choose appropriate equipment, and verify the itinerary before embarking on it.


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