Cà Minelli

Cà Minelli in Alzano Lombardo

Cà Minelli is an ancient sixteenth-century noble residence nestled in the green woods of the lower Valle Seriana, in the village of Lonno, a hamlet of Alzano Lombardo. The building is characterized by walls painted in yellow and blue, and on every wall and corner of the house, there are proverbs, sayings, rhyming verses, life advice, and suggestions typical of folk wisdom. An easy and green path immersed in the woods of the lower Valle Seriana allows you to reach this house of wisdom.

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Ciclovia dell'Oglio - Darfo-Iseo

Oglio Cycle Path from Darfo to Iseo

The Oglio Cycle Path is an ongoing cycling route that aims to accompany the development of the Oglio river (and Iseo lake) from its source in the Upper Valle Camonica to its confluence with the Po river. In this article, we describe the section that runs along Iseo lake, from Darfo Boario Terme to Iseo.

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Rifugio Azzoni al Resegone da Brumano

Rifugio Azzoni on Resegone from Brumano

Resegone is the symbolic mountain of Lecco. From the Lombard dialect, the name of this peak means “big saw,” due to the unmistakable profile formed by 13 peaks, resembling the teeth of a saw. The highest of these is Punta Cermenati, and at its slopes stands the famous Rifugio Azzoni. In this itinerary, we’ll explore the ascent that starts from Brumano in Val Imagna, the only route with departure from the province of Bergamo.

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Faggio secolare del Piancone

Ancient Beech Tree of Piancone

In Val Sassina, along the slopes of Pizzo D’Alben in the municipality of Casargo, an imposing ancient beech tree grows, estimated to be over 300 years old, known as the Piancone With a trunk circumference of about 10 meters and a height of almost 30 meters, this giant guardian of the forest is considered to be the oldest in Italy.

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Santuario di San Patrizio - BergamoXP

Sanctuary of St. Patrick at Colzate

The Sanctuary of St. Patrick is one of the few places of worship dedicated to the famous Saint, the patron of Ireland, present in Italy. Built starting from the 14th century and completed only a few centuries later, it stands on a rocky spur overlooking the middle Val Seriana. Surrounded by the woods and meadows of Mount Cavlera. a short route on roads and trails, starting from Vertova, allows you to reach the building.

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Panchina gigante di Riva di Solto - BergamoXP

The giant Bench in Riva di Solto (Number 53)

The Big Benches are a non-profit project by American designer Chris Bangle. In this article, we describe the ascent to the one located in Riva di Solto, bench number 53, through a loop hike that starts from the lake, passes through Fonteno, and allows you to ascend to this splendid balcony overlooking Sebino Lake.

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La Ciclabile sul Mincio - BergamoXP

the Mincio Cycle Path

The Mincio Cycle Path is an easy route that follows the Mincio river. Starting from Peschiera del Garda, it allows you to reach Mantua, passing through natural landscapes and historic villages of significant cultural and scenic value.

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The Sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola, at Monte Isola

The Sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola is a small church located at the top of Monte Isola, at an altitude of about 600 meters, in the heart of Iseo lake. Built in the 5th century at the behest of Saint Vigilius, the Bishop of Brescia, and later expanded and modified, it boasts a commanding position from which you can enjoy expansive views over the entire Sebino region.

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Ciclabile del Cherio e del lago di Endine - BergamoXP

Cherio River and Endine lake Cycle Path

Val Cavallina is a small and green valley in the Bergamo Prealps, situated between Iseo lake and the Val Seriana. It is crossed by the Cherio river, a small tributary of the well-known Oglio river, and by Endine lake, a small green gem recognized as a park by the Lombardy Region. In this article, we will describe the bicycle route along the cycle path that runs alongside the Cherio river to Endine lake and then the circuit around the lake itself.

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Escursione a Punta Larici - BergamoXP

Punta Larici over Lago Garda

Punta Larici is a rocky viewpoint on the western side of Garda Lake, on the border between the provinces of Brescia and Trento. From its summit, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the entire upper-middle lake and Monte Baldo. Due to its moderate altitude (907 m) and the microclimate of the lake, this is a route that can be practiced in any season, even in winter.

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