Hike to Vò Waterfall

Hike to Vò Waterfall

The Coolness of Val di Scalve! Discover with us the itinerary for the hike to Vò waterfall

Vò waterfall - BergamoXP
Vò waterfall – BergamoXP

The Vò waterfall is an impressive waterfall formed by the torrent of the same name. We are in Val di Scalve, a remote and wild valley in the Orobie Alps of Bergamo, and the path that awaits us is immersed in the cool greenery of its forests, making it the perfect escape from summer heat.

Vò waterfall - BergamoXP
Vò waterfall – BergamoXP

We reach the Chalet del Vò by car, in the village of Ronco in the Paghera area, a fraction of Schilpario (BG), and park in the spaces along the asphalt road. From here, we follow the road that becomes a footpath, marked with CAI 413/A, which will lead us shortly to reach the waterfalls. These are formed by the Vò stream, which with a spectacular 25-meter jump then flows into the Dezzo river.

Under the waterfall, there is a large clearing equipped with a picnic area, ideal for stopping, relaxing, and enjoying the coolness of the stream.

For the return, instead of taking the same path back, you can choose to take a ring. We retrace our steps for a few hundred meters and then cross the stream on a wooden footbridge, changing the orographic side. We then ascend the easy path to a junction. To the right, we climb towards the Tagliaferri refuge, but we take a left, descending towards the village of Ronco and then from there, shortly to the car. Before reaching Ronco, we will come across a clearing with a large stone in the center. This is a Druidic altar used in ancient times to celebrate pagan rituals.

Vò waterfall - BergamoXP
Vò waterfall – BergamoXP

This hike does not present any particular difficulties and is also suitable for children.

You can find the interactive map of the route, complete with altitude and downloadable GPS trace, at this link.

Always carefully plan your trips, choosing the appropriate material and equipment and verifying the itinerary before embarking on it.


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